September 5, 2011


Happy Labor Day everyone, a holiday celebrated by doing the exact opposite of what is was named for. Kind of like how my friends always celebrate my birthday by all going out without me. I'm going to kill them. Anyways, I hope everybody's enjoying the long weekend and for those of you who didn't get today off because your company is a dickbag (or you're a fireman), I hope you're at least doing less work than you would on say, a Friday afternoon. I'll be here posting sporadically between bouts of Labor Day sales (my mom's taking me back-to-school shopping!), so you're at least not the only ones working. Working, LOLOL! *ends dictation, lights cigar* It's a hard life, but someb-- *intercom crackle* "GW? Don Draper's here to see you." Listen Suzy -- you tell Mr. Handsomepants I'm not in unless he came bearing booze.

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