'Grinding The Crack': Insane Wingsuit Flight

September 2, 2011


We've seen other wingsuit flights here on Geekologie, but this is by far my favorite. The real-life batman's name is Jeb Corliss (and possibly soon to be Lifeliss), and he hits a staggering 122MPH in the video plus pops some f***ing balloons like 10-feet off the ground. The video's called 'Grinding the Crack', because of the Swiss gorge he flies through. And speaking of grinding crack -- been there, done that, dude was all, "chill bro, I ain't gay".

Hit the jump for the video (balloon pop starts at 1:30 but it's all worthwhile -- watch in HD), as well as another one of Jeb much more casually flying the crack, and a 'best of' video.

Grinding The Crack, An Exhilarating Wingsuit Flight Video by Jeb Corliss [laughingsquid]

Thanks to Mindy, who agrees dude's helmet is probably just to mount the camera because that shit will do ZERO GOOD at 120MPH into the side of a mountain.

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