Google Awards $1M Grant To Determine Just How Much The Internet Affects The World

September 15, 2011


It affects everything and a lot, where's my cash?

Google just dropped a cool million in the lap of the World Wide Web Foundation to determine just how far-reaching the effects of the intertubes are on the world. I'm...not sure it's money well spent.

The aim of the project is to compile a 'composite index, incorporating political, economic, social, and developmental indicators, as well as indicators of Web connectivity and infrastructure'.

It is hoped the study, which will be presented as a series of annual reports, will help to improve the understanding of the web's impact on humanity.

The results will be able to prove or disprove theories about the web's influence around the world, such as the notion that a government's investment in internet infrastructure raises GDP growth.

Interesting. *yawn* See what I did there? I was being sarcastic. *flailing arms and slobbering* That? That was me being spastic. *back handspring!* Gymnastic. *perusing science textbook* Scholastic. OMG I AM LIKE, SOOOOOOOO FREAKING EXCITED FOR DIABLO 3 TO COME OUT! Enthusiastic.

Google awards $1m grant to group to find just how worldwide the web is [metro]

Thanks to JoeLicASack, who was smart enough to note the internet begins and ends with Geekologie. Well, technically, it's an I and a T (like IT!!!!1), but WHATTHEF***EVER.

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