Glowing Kitties Now Cat AIDS Resistant

September 12, 2011


Another day, another batch of glowing-ass cats. I remember when I was growing up it was pretty much Gloworms or GTFO. My how time flies when you do the exact same thing everyday and it seems like just yesterday you were 18 with your whole life ahead of you. Now I'm thirty and haven't even seen a titty IRL. "Haha, that ship has sailed, bro!" Gee, THANKS A-HOLE. *dropkicks spyglass off dock*

Some cats are glowing, thanks to researchers at Mayo Clinic, who inserted rhesus macaque plus jellyfish genes into unfertilized cat eggs. The mix makes resulting kittens apparently resistant to feline immunodeficiency virus, which causes feline AIDS. Oh, yeah, and it also makes them glow under special lights. It's all part of a study on how to best fight human HIV and AIDS--as well as battle feline AIDS which is plaguing domestic cats.

Interesting work, Mayo Clinic. I wonder what the Spicy Mustard Hospital has to say about it! Kidding, there's no such thing. But if there was you better believe I'd have all my surgeries performed there. Dammit doc, I said I want a BLT sandwich for an arm! "Settle for a club?" Oh you're good.

Glow cat: fluorescent green felines could help study of HIV [theguardian]
Delighted to Meet You, Glow-in-the-Dark Kitties [newser]

Thanks to sonny and Patrick J. M., who agree a glowing pony wearing a party hat would be easy to mistake for a unicorn at night.

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