George Lucas' Sandcrawler Office Building

September 6, 2011


This is a rendering of the currently-being-built LucasFilm regional headquarters building in Singapore, which looks like a giant Jawa Sandcrawler and NOT a giant piece of shit, which is what the Blu-Ray release of the original Star Wars trilogy is starting to look like.

Designed by Aedas, the Sandcrawler Building will house a 100 seat theatre, LucasFilm Singapore offices, a public podium and other employee spaces. Neither rusty nor slow moving in this case, the glassy and streamlined building will combine a high performance facade with lush gardens and foliage that spills over terraces, resulting in a highly efficient commercial space. With construction already underway, we can look forward to this real life Star Wars manifestation sometime in 2012.

Presumably, George will start pirating his own movies out of the building, then sue himself for copyright infringement as part of an elaborate 'get even richer' scheme. It will all backfire though when the Geekologie Writer mission impossibles his ass into the building and uncovers everything (read: forges a doodle of George banging a Gungan).

Hit the jump for several more shots of the screw you, George!




The Sandcrawler: LucasFilm's Singapore Headquarters is a High Performance Building Straight Out of Tatooine [inhabitat]

Thanks to Thaylor, who plans on Tusken Raiding the shit out of that place and making off with everything that isn't restraining-bolted down (see what I did there?).

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