Gamestop Worker Fired For Planking In Store

September 7, 2011


Planking: it's stupid and you look like a sped doing it. On a scale from 1 to 10 of fads it could never IN ITS WILDEST F***ING DREAMS come close to a slap-bracelet. And a 4-year store supervisor at Gamestop found that out the hard way after getting fired for planking on the clock and tweeting the photos. Personally, I would've opted for a quick game of pogs in the back, but that's just me AND I KNOW WHAT COOL IS.

Because he was planking while in a supervisory position, combined with the Twitter posts, his termination is considered gross negligence. Mazzocchi was a Senior Game Advisor, and had been working at Gamestop since 2007.

At first this may seem like an overreaction, Gamestop is considering not only their own reputation but the safety of its employees in this matter. Mazzocchi was putting himself in potential danger both on company property and while on the clock. By posting the images to Twitter, he essential nailed his own coffin. Gamestop is notorious for monitoring its employees actions on the web, and this is not the first time a company has used evidence from social networking sites like Twitter as grounds for termination.

Hit the jump for another shot of Macaroni planking on the register counter while looking suspiciously like Justin Bieber (who's right up there on my list of things that shouldn't exist). The lesson here? If you're ever thinking about planking, try waterboarding first. Now that's where the real fun's at!

Another shot and a picture of the denied unemployment benefits notice.



"Fired for Planking" Is More Complicated Than You Think

Thanks to zooter and Marion, who agree the only cool planking is walking it off a pirate ship for attempted mutiny.

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