Gamer's Foot: Portal And Minecraft Socks

September 4, 2011


Gamer's foot, get it? Like athlete's foot. I can't take credit for coming up with that though because it's awful and I don't wanna be associated with it. These are Portal and Minecraft socks. The Portal ones cost $10/pair from J!NX and the Minecraft ones in a 3-pair boxed set for $40. Me? I steal other people's out of the dryers in my apartment building. "Those are panties." You sure? I thought they were fancy socks.

Portal Socks Product Site
Minecraft Socks Product Site
Official Portal Socks Are Awesome, Not For Long Falls [kotaku]

Thanks to blaqk_panda, K. Stewart and PEZ, who don't wear socks because they like the way their shoes start to smell when they don't. Okay ya'll nasty.

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