'Tape Unraveling' Time-Lapse Is Freaky-Deaky

September 14, 2011


Ever wanted to watch a time-lapse animation of tape hanging from a glass plate unravel all creepy freaky-deaky like? Of course you have -- you're sick in the head. Per (non-sandwich) artist Johan Rijpma:

...I worked on this project for about 6 months. I tried many different compositions and then made a selection. A single composition could take more than 12 hours to develop/breakdown.

(the spinning of the plate was done by hand, turnin the plate about 0,4 degree's every 30 seconds, this meant i was standing in the wind and the rain for hours watching the tape "grow" and watching the sun come up/go down)

Impressive, but you know what I've always wanted to watch? Grass grow. Like, really take the time and acid and just watch it. Kidding, but one time I did lay down a blanket at the park and try to spot dinosaurs in the clouds. It sucked, this sweet-ass velociraptor was just starting to form when a giant pig head came out of nowhere and swallowed it up. RUINED MY ENTIRE PICNIC. That and the ants. Did I mention there were ants? Apparently I laid down on top of an ant hill. And let me tell you -- those lil dicks were all about some of my homemade potato salad. Plus biting my legs. I've hated all outdoors ever since. I don't even open my apartment windows anymore, it's that bad. One time a friend asked me to go for a walk to talk because his girlfriend had broken up with him and I told him to get over it and she was way out of his league anyways just so I wouldn't have to go.

Hit the jump for the video.

Tape Generations [vimeo]
Tape Generations by Johan Rijpma [neatorama]

Thanks to Ranimal, who once watched paint dry for 4-hours straight and it wasn't even finished. WTF PAINT -- YUTAKESOLONG?

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