For The Ladies: Magnetic Fingernail Polish

September 30, 2011


This is a line of $20 magnetic nail polishes from Nails Inc. Gosh, I feel like such a sassy lil lady even talking nail polish with you girls! Basically it's nail paint with iron powder in it (also great for anemic nail-biters) that a magnet can be used to make designs in while still wet. Sure you could just have a professional paint you some designs (or you could buy crackle polish!), but then what would we do when we're all sitting around in our PJ's talking about boys? OMG girls -- what I wouldn't do to give Magneto a HJ with this polish on, amirite?! Tehehehehehe! *wig falls off, girls screaming* CODE RED, MAGNETO -- RENDEZVOUS AT THE SAFEHOUSE!

Hit the jump for a video demonstration and link to product site.

Official Product Site

Thanks to Erica, who paints her nails the old fashioned way: with the help of a great master. Oh shishi girl, you know Leonardo and the boys?!

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