Facebook Hosts 4% Of All Photos Ever Taken

September 21, 2011


Facebook, the social networking giant best known for consistently making its site shittier and more confusing to use, is now home to 140-billion photos, 4% of all photos ever taken. AND WITH ANOTHER 70-BILLION TO BE ADDED THIS YEAR ALONE. I...find that kind of depressing. Like seeing a dead bird on the way to work. Facebook easily dwarfs all other picture-hosting sites, and contains more than 10,000-times the photos in the Library of Congress. Granted most Facebook photos are garbage that nobody wants to see and shouldn't be remembered anyway, but that's not my point. My point is this: Myspace. I just uploaded like 400 peener pics to my old profile. COME ON TOM, WE GOT THIS!

How many photos have ever been taken? [1000memories] (with a ton more info on the history and number of photographs taken to date, etc.)
Facebook's Huge Trove Of Photos In Context [businessinsider]

Thanks to Stephanie, who agrees in five years there won't even be a Facebook anymore. Buttbook, absolutely. OMG -- Booty booty booty booty rockin' everywhere!

And Geekologie on Facebook (just sayin -- I've got pictures!)
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