Exercise...Is Fun?: IRL Zombie Running Game

September 13, 2011


This is a Kickstarter project for a smartphone game called 'ZOMBIES, RUN!' (very catchy) that combines real world running with a zombie video game. Basically, you accept a mission, run around IRL while listening to the game unfold through your headphones, and pass distance waypoints to collect in-game weapons, medical supplies, etc. that will help fortify your zombie base. Wheeeee, I'm gonna have a heart attack trying to find a shotgun!

You receive orders and hear the story told through radio messages and voice recordings between your own custom playlists. Missions last around 20-30 minutes in real time and there'll be over 30 unique missions in Season 1.

But what are the leaders of your base scheming about? How did you get there? Where did the zombies come from? There's a deeper mystery to be uncovered, puzzles to be solved, websites to be discovered, documents to be viewed so you can learn the truth of what's happened to the world.

Originally I thought the game was GPS based, although I'm not sure entirely sure now since in the description they said it'll work on a treadmill. So maybe sitting at your desk shaking your phone WILL work. But if not I've got a backup plan: taxis. Haha -- who's the survivor now?! ERROR: We've detected you're running in excess of 40MPH. FUFUFUFUUUUUUUUU! Forever alone aloser.

Hit the jump for a better video explanation of the game, and a link to the Kickstarter to donate to the game's development and score some swag in the process.

Official Kickstarter Page

Thanks to Christopher, who's going to complete all the missions back to back because he's practically Forrest Gump.

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