Draw Your Own Browser Stickman Animation

September 23, 2011


This is a screenshot of the totally dope-looking stickman I drew at drawastickman.com. You just go to the site, draw a stickman, then they animate him (F***ING TERRIBLY) and tell you to draw other things (i.e. a key, sword) to help him solve puzzles. Truthfully, I'm making it sound a lot cooler than it really is. BY FAR. But after the key part I learned it was actually kind of fun if you only draw penises no matter what they ask for. Then -- then it got good. My peener hatched a dragon and I had to fight it with a wiener-sword!

Drawastickman.com (I hate myself, I really do)

Thanks to Kid Gorgeous, who is like, really damn good looking for a kid (no pedo).

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