Damn Outerspace, You Brootiful: Time-Lapse Hubble Telescope Videos Of Stellar Jets

September 1, 2011


This is a series of time-lapse videos created by stitching together 14-years of high-res Hubble Space Telescope images to show the movement of stellar jets from young stars over that period. What's a stellar jet? I'm partial to the SR-71 Blackbird! Fine, FINE -- some actual astronomy:

Herbig-Haro objects (HH) are small patches of nebulosity associated with newly born stars, and are formed when gas ejected by young stars collides with clouds of gas and dust nearby at speeds of several hundred kilometres per second.

HH objects are transient phenomena, lasting not more than a few thousand years. They can evolve visibly over quite short timescales as they move rapidly away from their parent star into the gas clouds in interstellar space (the interstellar medium or ISM). Hubble Space Telescope observations reveal complex evolution of HH objects over a few years, as parts of them fade while others brighten as they collide with clumpy material in the interstellar medium.

BOOYA -- you can officially add 'astronomer' to the list of things you lie about being to impress girls at the bar. But you know what the best one is? NOT saying you're the Geekologie Writer, I can tell you that right now. You'd be better off saying unemployed.

Hit the jump for a bunch of short videos.

Hubble Captures Time-Lapse Videos Of Stars Being Born [npr]

Thanks to bb, Kelpie, Fally and luke, who have all seen stars being born but passed out and had to be smelling-salted back to consciousness.

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