Cut Off The Lock And The Bike Will Die

September 13, 2011


The StayLocked is a bicycle prototype created by peddler Andrew Leinonen after his girlfriend's bike lock was cut and her cycle stolen from outside their apartment. The bike's design has an incorporated lock that's made up of part of the seat support that attaches to the rear wheel. If the lock is cut, the seat can no longer support a rider's weight and the would-be thief can then be can be identified in a police lineup as "the one with half a bicycle up his ass." Unfortunately, an attempted theft destroys the bike, which, you know, doesn't make a lot of sense. Still, I guess anything's better than knowing some a-hole is out there riding your bike. And as a guy who once had three bikes stolen at once, I've got to admit: f*** I wish I'd packed the frames full of remote-controlled explosives.

Self-Destructing Bike Lock Gives Thieves the Ultimate Disincentive [wired]

Thanks to keith and Nurse In Training, who cleverly hid GPS trackers in the frames of their bikes so if they're ever stolen they can show up with guns and threaten to kill everyone the thieves have ever loved if they don't return the bikes and march themselves down to the police station. JESUS!

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