Creepily Realistic Futurama Character Busts

September 1, 2011


DeviantARTist artanis-one created this series of real-life realistic (well, despite being all gray) Futurama busts because...actually, I don't know why. Why do people do anything? I'll tell you: because either 1. they think it's cool and are hoping other people will think it's cool, or 2. revenge. Art? Art is usually a 1. Cutting brake lines? That's a 2. What I'm doing on the toilet right now? A 1 -- despite the fact I'm sitting down. I'mma dainty lady!

Hit the jump to see Zoidberg, Farnsworth and Nibbler.




Futurama Fanarama: Zoidberg, Farnsworth, Leela and Nibbler Sculptures [comedycentral]

Thanks to Fally, who agrees somethings are left unseen but this isn't one of them because seeing a realistic Leela bust was on your bucket list and you and I both know it.

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