Cool Story Bro: Dude Gives Interview Of Life

September 20, 2011


Reality hits you hard, bro.

This is a video of a guy who knows how to give a f***ing interview. He was in a car accident (everybody's okay) that caused a telephone pole and power lines to come crashing down, which ended up shocking his car. I think the electricity may have had some lasting effects. I'm talking superpowers, folks. Super STORYTELLING powers. He may not foil any murders, but my God can he put my ass to sleep with a bedtime story.

Hit the jump for the video. Oh, and try to ignore the newscasters -- they're cheeseweasels.

Reality Hits You Hard, Bro [geekosystem]

Thanks to bb, who agrees if reality is gonna is gonna hit you hard, it's best to roll a boulder off a cliff onto it's head so it can't.

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