Chinese Farmer Builds Own Hovering UFO

September 23, 2011


Granted it can only hover at 3-feet, but that's a lot higher than your UFO. "I don't have a UFO." You ignorance pains me, you know that? But Shu Mansheng here? He's smart. So smart he built an 18-foot UFO (NOT roflcopter) out of $3,000 in parts (including eight motorcycle engines). It's Shu's third prototype and can hover 3-feet off the ground for a solid 10-seconds. Not sure how you can use that to fake an alien invasion, but who knows, maybe he's gonna hang it in a tree or something.

Chinese man builds flying wheel with eight motorcycle motors [dvice]

Thanks to Martin, who claims he tried building a jetpack but ended up burning his garage to the ground. Martin? That was a meth lab and we all know it.

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