Superhero Embryos: Would NOT Want To Birth

September 20, 2011


If there's one thing I don't want to give birth to it's a giant spider. If there's two it's a giant spider and a superhero. No thank you amirite?! Ain't no "strength of 100-men" baby tearing out of this vagina like there's a bank robbery in progress. Unless I was so hopped up on meds I thought it was all a hallucination and I could later exploit my little freak for financial gain, in which case, yes, I would do that. This is a series of superhero embryos by an unknown artist on display at the HEY! art show in Paris. They...are wearing costumes. A little unorthodox for an embryo, I know, but I was born with a spacesuit on so I guess anything is possible. EXCEPT perpetual motion. That shit's a no-go.

Hit the jump for six more superbabies.







Photographer (not artist's) Flickr Gallery
Embryonic Superheroes [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Lacy, who hopes to give birth to an honor roll student.

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