Check The Expiration Date On Those Beats!: Girl Raps About Star Wars Blu-Ray Changes

September 21, 2011


Those beats: not so fresh.

NOTE: Click HERE for an infographic timeline outlining all the changes George has made to the series to date.

This is a Star Wars fangirl rapping about the changes George Lucas has made to the original trilogy for its Blu-Ray release. Now, before you all start foaming at the piehole and claiming this Jennifer Landa character isn't a real fangirl and is just trying to Olivia Munn her way to fame and fortune, well, she did dress up in this Death Star dress for Comic-Con, so that's got to mean something. "THAT DOESN'T MEAN SHIT!" You're right, I got nothing. If you jumped off a bridge I would totally jump too. Kidding, I'm so desperate for friends if you even said you were going to jump off a bridge I could easily be convinced to go first.

Hit the jump for the earbleeding.

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Thanks to Carlo, who actually had a bunch of friends jump off a bridge before but it was just over a creek and two rolled their ankles pretty bad. PUT IT ON YOUTUBE.

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