'Capture The Can': First Person Shooter Style Paintball Match In Slow-Motion, One Take

September 8, 2011


If you haven't seen it already, this is a 2-minute video entitled 'Capture the Can', sent to me by the visual effects supervisor of the shoot. It featuring a multiplayer videogame style paintball match captured with a Phantom high-speed camera in a single, long take. If you're into paintball or video game mock-ups, it's definitely worth a watch. But if you're into the cookie jar even though your mom told you not to spoil your dinner, well, give me two and I won't tell I saw you.

Hit the jump for two minutes of slow-motion paint splatter (best watched in HD).


Thanks Allesandro, and keep up the good -- OVER THERE! *pew pew pew* Haha, gotcha.

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