Canine Cosplay: Pet Dinosaur Dog Costumes

September 6, 2011


Dinosaurs: everybody in their right mind wants one for a pet. But can we have them? Noooooooooooo, scientists are all, "f*** your dreams -- we don't care about you! We're too busy making money for pharmaceutical companies by developing drugs that cure one thing and give you six others." Enter this series of dinosaur pet costumes from Animal Planet, probably the closest you'll ever come to watching a real pet dino run around your house eating cats. Ooooooor licking its own butthole and then trying to give you a kiss. DAMMIT CHLOE, NO -- I SAW WHERE THAT TONGUE JUST WAS! And for the record, yes, it did make me love you a little less.

Hit the jump for a worthwhile triceratops dog hat and turtle costume.



Party City Product Site (with all four for sale)
Raptor Pet Costume [outblush] (I always do too, I'm a shy one!)

Thanks to Emily, who once dressed her dog up like a cat and now it has an identity crises and uses the bathtub as a litterbox.

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