Calling All Koopas: Mario Propaganda Posters

September 6, 2011


Note: Larger shots of each poster after the jump, high-res versions available at the artist's site.

This is a small series of Super Mario propaganda posters from Bowser's camp encouraging Mushroom Kingdomites to join his reptilian republic against his plumber enemies. Two f***ing plumbers! You have thousands of loyal (albeit dumb as question blocks) subjects and you can't even manage to kill two measly pipe-layers? That's some sad shit, Bow-Bow. Maybe you should, I dunno, give up on marrying the princess and settle down with a nice koopa troopa. "NEVER -- PEACH WILL BE MINE!!" Dude -- she doesn't even like you. That makes you a creeper. Have you ever considered pursuing Birdo? She got that crazy-ass mouth, I'm just sayin!

Hit the jump for closeups of each poster and a link to the artist's website with even higher-res versions and 11"x17" versions for sale ($30 apiece/$80 for all four).





Artist's Website
King Koopa's Super Mario Propaganda Posters [uberhumor]

Thanks to will, who once made a 'lost dog' poster and had over 100 people join his cult.

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