Back To The Future Skateboard Scene Audio Replaced By One-Man Multitrack Acapella

September 21, 2011


Remember the iconic skateboard scene from the original Back to the Future? Don't lie, I know you do! Also, keep a stash of cookies next to the bed. Go on, admit it. "I do." Don't worry, that'll be our little secret. Hey -- HEY EVERYBODY: THIS GUY KEEPS A BOX OF COOKIES NEXT TO THE BED AND SLEEPS IN CRUMBS AND CHOCOLATE CHIPS! a truly terrible person. This is a video of the skateboard scene from BTTF with all the dialogue and music replaced with one guy making it all with his mouth. And speaking of making things with your mouth...*concentrating* Well?! "A mime blowing the invisible man?" No dummy, it was just an O!

Hit the jump for the video.

A Capella Multitrack Back to the Future Skateboard Scene [obviouswinner]

Thanks to killa hertz, mega hertz's tag-team partner and, truthfully, the better looking of the two in those wrestling banana hammocks.

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