Aww, I Love Ya You Little Freak!: Frank & Louie, The 12-Year Old Two-Faced Cat

September 30, 2011


This is Frank & Louie (presumably after Frank & Stein), a 12-year old cat born with two faces and mouths, and three eyes. He just made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest-lived Janus cat (named after the Roman god of transitions because of the two faces and all). But worry not -- there's no need to shed a trio of tears for the kitty, apparently he's healthy and happy despite the fact his owner takes him for walks on a leash (oh come on -- he's a cat, lady!). Regardless, I think we can all agree that not only did Frank & Louie just win his way into the record books, but our hearts things to think about to subdue an awkward boner as well. Meow!

Hit the jump for a video of two faces I'm not totally convinced yet a mother could love.


Thanks to Caitlin and The Brett, who agree two faces is better than none. I dunno guys, I guess.

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