Apocaplyptic Playhouse: Mushroom Cloud Fort

September 14, 2011


This is a mushroom cloud treehouse designed and built by sculptor Dietrich Wegner. It looks pretty awesome, but would look even awesomer with a 'NO GURLZ ALOUD' sign hanging outside. *throwing dirtballs* READ THE SIGN, SUZY!

The structure is about twenty feet tall, and the artist intended for it to show "two conflicting ideas," which one can only assume is "play" and "doom," though it's supposedly representative of the contradiction between what our eyes enjoy and what our mind knows...

Seriously bro? Why does every single thing somebody makes have to have some sort of pretentious message? Why can't it just be a sweet treehouse to hang out with your friends and plan the toilet-papering of a neighbor's house? I swear. I made an egg for breakfast but you don't see me writing about how it's the symbolic representation of my own rebirth that I know can never never happen because I was never properly fertilized or nurtured in the first place, do you? "You just did. What does bacon mean?" F*** this, I'm going for a walk.

Hit the jump for three more designs of the same theme.




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Thanks to zimmer, who claims he lives in a hollowed out log in the forest and I believe him because he sent me a picture of himself wearing a vest made out of rabbit pelts and nothing else.

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