AlphaDog, BigDog's New & Improved Older Brother: Running For The Hills Won't Save You

September 30, 2011


Remember Boston Dynamics' BigDog? How could you forget, that lifelike f***er was terrifying. He still haunts my dreams at night. AND fantasies. Unthankfully, AlphaDog is now here to take his place. Did I mention he's 10x quieter than his predecessor, can carry 400-lbs over 20-miles without stopping, and can't even be pushed over by two grown-ass men? Because that's all true. Plus -- PLUS -- he can roll himself back on his feet if he does go down. Me? I can't even roll my dimply ass out of bed in the morning. I'm serious, it's still lying there in cookie crumbs.

Hit the jump for a short video demo, but skip to 0:50 for the really good stuff to start (attempted push-over, standing up from lying down).

AlphaDog Is the New Generation of the Creepiest Robot Ever [gizmodo]

Thanks to Erin, cos and Flim-Flam Gator Man (are you a superhero?!), who agree the only safe place from an AlphaDog coming after you is being dead already.

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