Aaah, There's Wieners Everywhere!: Someone Drew A Peen On A Google Street View Camera

September 7, 2011


Some peen-loving jokester (God, aren't we all?) in Victoria, Australia managed to draw a really crappy looking wiener on one of the camera lenses of a Google Street View car. As far as wieners go, it's not a very good one. On a scale from 1 to 10 it's like a 2 (is that...supposed to be a penis?) Still, you can cruise around on Street View and see it all over the place, the best shot of which I screencapped HERE because I have the brain of a 13-year old. Get it? I make my little brother come up with all my material! Hey little bro, I need something clever to say about this Google Street peen -- what you got for me? "Promise to type whatever I tell you?"
Come on -- you know how much I hate thinking, of course I will. I'm a pecker, I eat my own boogers!

Google Street View
Someone Drew A Penis On The Google Maps Street View Camera [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Aaron, who agrees a penis worth drawing is worth drawing right.

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