A Smartphone App That Lets You Rent Your Bathroom To Strangers And Make A Buck

September 2, 2011


The bathroom: it's a sacred place. If our body are temples, then the bathroom is like a janitor's closet: stocked with everything you need to keep it clean and take out the trash. Public restrooms? Those are a whole different story. Those are awful places where you hover over the toilet seat so you don't catch smallpox and listen to men fart loudly in the stalls next to you. No lie -- one time on a long layover I rented a room in the airport hotel just so I could use the restroom in peace. That was a $220 deuce AND I'D DO IT AGAIN. Anyway, CLOO -- a smartphone app for city dwellers that allows you to rent out your bathroom to people while you're home so they don't shit their pants on the subway. Or...something (read: do drugs and masturbate).

How many public bathrooms are there in your city? Answer: As many as you want. For the cost of a latte, CLOO' turns residential bathrooms into bathrooms that you, your friends or friends of friends can use, making city living easier.

I'm sure this will work great for some people, but, I dunno, I'm more private. I don't even like my friends (GW has friends, LOLOL!) using my bathroom, I sure as hell don't want their friends using it. I can see it now:

"Hey Aubrey, remember your friend Lisa that I was telling you I was kinda into?"
"Yeah -- what about her?"
"Well she CLOO'd my bathroom and didn't flush."
"No she didn't!"
"She did -- but I never flush either! I think I'm in love."

Hit the jump for a video tutorial about stinking up people's bathrooms.

Official Site

Thanks to Hillary Young, the lady behind CLOO (and possibly your bathroom door).

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