A Close Look At Adidas' Wampa Fur Shoes

September 28, 2011


These are the Adidas Star Wars Campus Wampa Sneakers, which, for a shoe, is a pretty impressive name. Granted not as impressive as Holey Flipflop Ow Shit I Think I Just Stepped On A Nail, but now I'm going to have to call my mom and see if my tetanus shot is up to date. $150 gets you a pair and they're made with real wampa fur. Except wampas aren't real so they used horse hair instead. Hey -- you know what else would make pretty cool Star Wars shoes? "Jar Jar dicks?" LOLWUT? I said shoes, not a necklace.

Hit the jump for a bunch of close-ups.






Official Product Site
Adidas Star Wars Campus Wampa Sneakers [uncrate]

Thanks to Carrie, who used to own a pair of Rancor boots but left them in a girlfriend's house and that girlfriend claimed them as her own. Typical!

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