You Get The Popcorn: Star Wars P0rn Parody

August 10, 2011


Inb4 'Jar Jar anal or GTFO'

Hottest three-way ever? I'd have a hard time arguing otherwise. Granted I didn't know there was a new Star Wars p0rn parody coming out, and, now that I do, I can't actually say I'm that excited about it. It's more of a titillation. Directed by smut-peddler Axel Braun (who also directed Asstronomical -- not even kidding), the production value looks waaaaaaaaaay too high for a video that, ultimately, would still get bought if it were just two naked people boning on Star Wars bedsheets. No word if the Ewoks make an appearance, but you're not gonna score the coveted furry dollar with Chewbacca alone.

Hit the jump for the clean trailer.

Youlube (see what I did there?)
The trailer for the Star Wars porno is disturbingly safe for work [io9]

Thanks to Contemptuous_Cat, who told me I was ugly and then threw up a hairball on my sofa.

  • GirlFromSpace

    hahahah yES!!

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