You Blocky, Girl!: Pixelated Samus Cosplay

August 8, 2011


This is a shot from the recent Otakon of Krystal Belcher in her custom-painted pixelated Samus Aran costume taken by deviantARTist chozoboy. It is most clever. "I could do better." No, you couldn't. You could say that having never done it before but then if you actually tried you'd realize just how inept you are at cutting cardboard and painting different colored squares and have to give up to go troll the internet some more. "Jesus GW, it's like you're in my head!" Head, or stomach? Get it? Because I hid a scab in your Subway sub in the breakroom fridge. "That wasn't my sub." Oh good, because I actually just ate it. "SONOFA!" Haha, I knew it was yours.

Hit the jump of several other shots.





Samus Aran Costume Gallery [chozoboy's DeviantART] (with a bunch more)

Thanks to Charlie, who's never bit my finger. Pulled it, yes, but only because he's gullible.

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