Yes, My Answer's Yes!: Slick Portal 2 Proposal

August 23, 2011


This is a rad to the power of sick in-game Portal 2 proposal created by getting a couple Portal level designers to develop an entire 10-minute level, and even getting Ellen McLain (the voice of GlaDos) to do the voice work. It is most impressive, and beats asking your girlfriend at a Sonic Drive-In. Kidding, you can't top that. Or pizza when you're drunk. Is there really ANYTHING better than a hot 'za (I'm going to kill myself for typing that) after a night of boozing? No, there is not. "But what about sex?" Ha -- but what about sex. Go ask your girlfriend what she thinks about that, Don Juan Dos Equis.

Well? "She just laughed." BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH!! She told me she calls you Tequila Mockingworm!

Hit the jump for the 10-minute level in both regular vision AND CINEMATIC VISION.


Thanks to Khisk, who proposed with a laser-light show on the moon. Oh yeah? Well I'm gonna blow up the sun for my lady! NOW THAT'S LOVE.

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