Would Not Crush Under A Pile Of Rubble: Custom Angry Birds Bras (Plus Others!)

August 3, 2011


This is a custom-painted Angry Birds bra from Etsy seller SceeneSchoes. She'll paint you one in sizes 34A to 38DD for $35, although you and I both know 34A's should really get a discount. That's price-gouging! You should be price-groping. Get it? Because that's what you do with boobies. Or, in my case, imagine they feel like athletic socks filled with Play-doh.

Hit the jump for the other painted bras available, including a NES controller, Princess Peach design and Pokeball Master Ball.




SceeneSchoes' Etsy Page
Angry Boobs [technabob]

Thanks to Duke and blaqk_panda, who may or may yes Google "cool bras" when they're bored.

  • I'm gonna try the angry birds bra, since before I never used this kind of bra ever. it seem's it will make me feel comfortable also and maybe this is best used for summer fun. 

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