World's Most Complicated Connect-The-Dots Picture Produces Iffy-Looking Mona Lisa

August 2, 2011


Connect the dots -- la la la la!

Connect the dots: like word searches and mazes, they've always been difficult for me (who the f*** is supposed to remember what comes after 59 anyway? That's why God invented calculators!). So you can imagine my sense of unease when I saw this, the world's most complicated connect-the-dots picture. Created by Thomas Pavitte, the piece contains 6,239 dots, takes around 9-hours to complete, and produces a relatively booboo basic looking Mona Lisa when the fat lady sings. Which, SPOILER ALERT: she always seems to be doing around this time of day. *banging on wall* FOR THE LOVE OF LITTLE DEBBY CAN YOU SHUT UP? I'M TRYING TO F***ING BLOG OVER HERE! She's making it real hard to feel bad about stealing her electricity.

Hit the jump for a couple close-ups and a time-lapse video of nine hours packed into four minutes. Damn bro you should help me with my luggage before vacay!






Mona Lisa - 6,239 dot to dot drawing [behance]
Complex Connect-the-Dots of the Day []

Thanks to Mike, who agrees the shortest prettiest path between two points is a really squiggly line.

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