World's Fastest Running Robot Does 6.8 MPH

August 18, 2011


Note to self: learn how to ride a bike.

The last time we saw MABEL the running robot she was tripping and falling all over herself while I cheered and fist-bumped my laptop. Aaaaaaaaand now she can run at 6.8 miles an hour. That's less than 9-minute miles. "I could run faster." No, you couldn't. Remember doing the mile run for the Presidential Fitness Award in middle school? What was your time? "I faked an asthma attack halfway through." Exactly. I took 18-minutes and vomited.

Hit the jump and then add the University of Michigan to your shit-list.

Running robot hits 6.8mph: MABEL becomes the world's fastest two-legged machine [dailymail]

Thanks to Jamie and pegleg paul (dude you're f***ed if this thing comes after you), who agree the best defense against a running robot is to practice hitting neighbors' garbage cans with your car. Haha, I do that!

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