Will Rawr For Food: Man Offers Himself As Personal Dinosaur In Exchange For Housing

August 9, 2011


Because I won't stop getting this tip until I post it (and then still for another week or two), a Vancouver man (actually -- it might be a woman) is offering his/herself as someone's personal dinosaur for a year in exchange for free housing. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? WRONG. "No sex stuff though, sorry." HA -- and you wonder why you haven't found a taker! Just a heads up: there are very few people who want a personal dinosaur and NOT the "sex stuff". It comes with the territory. And by territory I mean raptor pit. *pretending to type with claws*

Criagslist Ad (won't last forever)
Pretend To Be A Dinosaur, Get A Free House? [consumerist]

Thanks to Theresa, John, Texico, kayr, smashcan, Vellan, ashley, Kat84 and Bohdi, who are all convinced I placed the ad, even though I didn't (it was my uncle -- he's where I got it from).

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