Unlimited Detail Graphics: Allegedly Offer 100,000x More Detail Than Polygon Graphics

August 2, 2011


Sweet rocks bro.

This is an 8-minute video of Euclideon CEO Bruce Robert Dell (NOT Bruce Wayne Acer) explaining his company's 'Unlimited Detail Real-Time Rendering Technology', that's allegedly 100,000x more detailed than current polygon-based computer graphics. According to Bruce (who definitely has the pipes for educational television voice-over work), the system operates with point-cloud data, that enables point-cloud "atoms" to be rendered in real-time, in unlimited quantities. BOLD STATEMENT IS BOLD. In some of the demo-reel, they have renderings at the precision of 64 atoms per cubic millimeter, or 1-million atoms per cubic inch, and even zoom in on some dirt to prove the claim. I dunno, a lot of people in the Youtube comments are screaming, "lies!", "investment scam!", and "show some stinking animation!" which was a little awkward because when they finally died down I was the only one yelling "show some steamy man-action!" What? I had my fingers in my ears and I drifted off!

Hit the jump and judge for yourself.

Official Site

Thanks to Julian, Ferrous, VonPlurring and Taylor, who agree there's nothing worse than staring at a bunch of polygonal privates during sexy time in a video game.

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