United States Of Spam Texting, An Infographic

August 8, 2011


Note: That isn't the whole graphic. If it were, it would be worth like an F- in Infographics 101. Hit the jump to see the whole thing.

This is an infographic all about spam text messages. Personally, I've never received a spam text message. Well, unless those 'your account is past due' ones from AT&T count. SHUT UP I KNOW OKAY I JUST DON'T HAVE THE MONEY NOW, GOD. So rude. Sometimes I just want to dive through my phone and beat up whoever's on the other end. "It's automated, dummy." Even better, so it won't fight back. Think you can bring a baseball bat through the celltubes or do you have to travel nakey?

Hit the jump for an entire chart of things you already knew because you're so smart and I am so dumb. You are so handsome and I am so ugly. You are so funny and charming and I fart when I get nervous.


Text Message Spam Infographic [totango]

Thanks to Derek, who agrees texting a friend more than twice in a four hour period without a response should be considered spamming and punishable by MMS of a gnarly-lookin' wiener.

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