TRON Light Cycle Scene Recreated In Duct Tape, WITH BONUS SAD-ASS TRON GUY!

August 23, 2011


This is a commercial for Duck brand colored duct tape featuring a stop-action tape lightcycle battle, and TRON guy, who made me kind of sad. Plus he assaults his mom with a frisbee at the end, WHICH ISN'T COOL. You don't ever throw things at your mom. Little brother, yes, but only because it's your responsibility to toughen him up for the hard road ahead. Plus make him bite Snap 'n Pops hard enough to explode. YOU'RE GONNA BE A MAN YET, GW JR. (I'm raising him in my own image). Now -- I want you to ride your bike past me as fast as you can and I'm gonna kick you over.

Hit the jump for the I hope you got paid for that, TRONINATOR.

Vimeo Video
Genius Idea for Tron-Themed Duck Tape Ad [wired]

Thanks to UncleFUJ and Arthur, who agree TRON guy needs to go back to doing what he does best: ?????

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