August 11, 2011


Don't lie bro, you're still gonna play it.

This is a video of hardcore Blizzard gamer Francis nerd raging like there's no tomorrow (and, if he keeps up this level of excitement, there might not be) about the three upsetting game-changes coming to Diablo III. I mean he is like, REALLY F***ING UPSET about it. I'm talking 'WHO THE SHIT DRANK MY LAST MOUNTAIN DEW' upset. It's worth a watch, even if you just skip around. Did I mention he has a really addicting lisp? Because now I want one. Plus a pony. There will always be a stable in my heart for a pony.

Hit the jump and rage rage rage.


Thanks to Aresh, Jean and buttfunk, who always take to their webcams to rage about things hoping to make fools of themselves.

  • Carl Ralston

    I lost my shit at this guy's voice and, uh, passion.

  • I now totally regret the burrito from Fuzzy Tacos I ate for lunch - I'm off to the toilet for a little "refunding" 

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