The Ruskies Are Coming!: Russia Approves Bering Strait Underwater Tunnel To Alaska

August 31, 2011


just approved a 62-mile high-speed railway tunnel that will connect Soviet Russia and Alaska. Why? I have no idea, but if premium vodka prices mysteriously bottom out here in the U.S., well, I'd be okay with that.

The Russian government has given the go-ahead on an ambitious new tunnel project that could connect Siberia with Alaska via an underground rail line. If completed, the $65 billion project will be the longest underwater tunnel in the world, besting the Chunnel between England and France by twice the distance. The planned course would stretch over 65 miles and would snake beneath the Big and Little Diomede Islands.

Aside from being a civil engineering marvel, the tunnel would also provide an efficient way to move 100 million tons of freight per year. In addition, the tunnel could provide an easy transmission route for electricity developed by tidal energy stations and wind plants in Russia to Alaska and Canada. In addition, the rail system would complete a high-speed network that could stretch from London to New York City.

There's currently no plan for passenger travel through the tunnel, so if you're looking to cross the Strait, you're still gonna have to do it the old fashioned way: in the hollowed out belly of a frozen elk carcass. Trust me, I took social studies.

Road Trip! Russia approves tunnel to Alaska under Bering Strait [autoblog]

Thanks to JGD, who tried to get the permits to be shot out of a cannon across the Bering Strait and Russia was all "GO FOR IT, BROSKI!" but America was all, "hmm, I dunno...". LAME.

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