The Ol' Super Mario Swing Dance Routine

August 12, 2011


Awkward move is awkward for brothers.

This is a Super Mario themed swing dance routine being performed by Morgan Day and Emily Wigger at the National Jitterbug Championship or something. They didn't place. It's still pretty good though. Granted not as dramatic as you could make a Zelda themed swing routine, but I also don't want to risk somebody desecrating the Zelda franchise for me. So...we get this. Watch it, don't watch it, I'm on my third birthday beer and it's 8:24.

Hit the jump for the bideo.


Thanks to Chris, Ashly, Rick, D. Boarini, Tui and jackie, who only swing from tires hanging from tree limbs. Oh man that's fun isn't it? One time I vomited.

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