I Will See That, And I Will Buy Souvenirs: The 'How To Train Your Dragon' Stage Show

August 11, 2011


Note: VERY worthwhile video of the dragon-action after the jump.

Did you know there was a 'How to Drain Your Dragon' stage show? I did not. Usually I just pee on the floor while trying to crane my neck to see over the urinal divider and compare myself to the guy next to me. I've never won, but who cares because it's not really a contest anyways. "Yes it is too! You're just saying that cause you've never won." Straight to the bone: that's how you cut me.

Teaming up with American film studio Dreamworks, the Creature Technology Company has built 24 huge, fire-breathing, flying dragon puppets to recreate the story of 3D animated film How To Train Your Dragon in an arena.

The story...allows the creators to use more of the airspace in the arena, with puppets that soar from the ceiling. The dragon called Nightmare has a 14m wingspan and the largest villain in the show, Red Death, is so huge its head and neck alone are about the size of two of the largest beasts from Walking With Dinosaurs.

Oh man, are you thinking what I'm thinking? If it's, "do you think I could hide my boner under a pile of cotton candy?" it is! But seriously, are there going to be any adults-only showings? I'm not trying to look like some weirdo around kids. You -- you I don't care about.

Hit the jump for a sneak-peek of the live-action awesome.

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Thanks to Terry, who kept picking at my cotton candy until my dragon was exposed. He did not want to train it.

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