The 'Friday The 13th' Kill Count Infographic

August 11, 2011


Y U so mad bro?

Note: Full-res version HERE in case you're obsessed with serial killers and want to marry Dexter or something because he's so dreamy.

This is a comprehensive infographic detailing all of Jason Vorhees' victims throughout the 'Friday the 13th' movie franchise. As you can see unless you're the world's worst counter or have zero spatial awareness, he's killed a lot of people. But fear not, they were all bad people. "No they weren't." They weren't? Then why'd he do it? "You see, as a kid Jason went to summer camp and all the kids there..." *sobbing* Please don't bring up summer camp around me. God, they're lucky I'm not a serial killer. Or am I? I'm not, FBI please take note.

Jason Voorhees' Body Count In All The 'Friday the 13th' Movies [slashfilm]

Thanks to Erin and biz, who are convinced they could have taken Jason out. On what -- a f***ing date? He'd murder your asses!

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