The 25-Person World's Longest Scooter

August 9, 2011


Inb4 'I bet it can't even turn on a dollar'.

First of all, a 25-person scooter that requires a cinderblock to hold up the middle isn't exactly a 25-person scooter, now is it? It's not. It's a 25-person stool that creaks and touches the ground when everyone puts their weight down. But did that stop English plumber Colin Furze from building the 72-foot monster in his mom's garden? No. But a normal person, yes, it probably would have.

Although Furze has managed to hit 35 miles per hour on his modified moped, he's only been able to control it with himself on it. And even so, it's "impossible to steer" because a turn requires "about six widths of road."

Soooooooooo -- basically what you ended up building was a 25-person waste of time and resources? That...sounds like something I'd do. *spends an afternoon building a much more impressive 30-PERSON scooter* "Um, GW? That looks suspiciously like 1-person scooter dragging an 80-foot tarp." Sweet design, huh? I came up with that myself.

25-seat motorcycle shoots for 'world's longest' record [dvice]
Anyone need a lift? Plumber builds the world's longest motorbike with 25 seats [telegraph]

Thanks to Jody, who built a 25-person rocketpack that may or may yes consist of a single rocket pack and 24 people holding ankles.

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