That's...A Really Terrible Idea: Army Considers Building Autonomous Robots Own Base

August 19, 2011


Because what could be safer than a base full of autonomous robots doing whatever the f*** they want, whenever the f*** they want, the Army is considering building them one. And me? Well, I'm considering strapping myself to a homemade rocket and blowing up on the launchpad. GW the human firework, everybody!

The purpose would be to pile up as many operating hours as possible and resolve the "trust and confidence" issues that have prevented such systems from proliferating on battlefields, Bob Quinn, vice president of unmanned systems at QinetiQ North America said at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International conference in Washington, D.C.

Currently, most battlefield ground robots are tele-operated, meaning they require someone to control the system from a stand-off distance. This method is labor intensive. Researchers have been developing software that would allow the machines to operate more freely, and take the workload off of troops.

[Major General Walter R.] Davis said part of the cultural acceptance for robots will be the acknowledgment that accidents are going to happen. There could be injuries, or worse. How many such incidents can decision-makers tolerate?

"They will fail to properly function at some point," Davis said.

Did you hear that? It said people will die. Well, it didn't just come right out and say that, but that's what it meant. The government's like that, you know. Saying one thing but actually meaning another. That is like, the number one thing governments do. Trust me, I was a political science major. "Seriously?" No, but I did fail a paleontology course for stealing bones.

A Base to Call Their Own? Army Considers Letting Robots Roam Freely [nationaldefensemagazine]

Thanks to Ksurfiws, who pointed out if we give them a base it might prevent them from taking one later. bad logic. "ZIP ZAP, ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US." See?

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