You Nasty, Rapunzel!: A Castle Made Of Hair

August 1, 2011


Needs more loogie moat.

Castles: they're cool and I want to live in one. Hair castles: not cool, I don't want to live in one, and I think I just spit up a little. But did that stop Agustina Woodgate from creating this 4-foot, 3,000-brick hair castle? Unfortunately, no. *twirling mustache*

Woodgate's "I Wanted To Be A Princess" series used clumps of hair to create 3,000 bricks, which are stacked to form two Medieval castle sculptures. Debuting at Miami's Spinello Gallery, one piece, called Tower, stands around four and a half feet tall. Made of tightly bound hair bricks, the piece looks like clay at first glance, with varying shades of brown and grays stacked perfectly together. Blonde hair donors provided the bricking for the windows, and the senior set contributed a band of white hair for the tower's top.

I'm not ashamed to admit I eat hair. Usually if I'm swooping my special little ladyfriend's hair out of her eyes and I find a loose one I'll put it on my tongue to gross her out out until she pries my mouth open to make me stop. "Holy f*** GW, that sounds creepy as shit." I'm a catch!

Hit the jump for another, much more natural looking hair castle by the same artist.



3,000 Brick Castle Made Entirely From Human Hair!

Thanks to Jenny, who prefers her castles made out of bones of her fallen enemies. Awh yeah girl, that's what I'm talkin' about! *tinking swords*

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