Sweet Lab: Swedish Man Arrested After Trying To Build 'Nuclear Reactor' In Kitchen

August 4, 2011


Were the cigarettes and fruit punch part of the experiment?

31-year old Sweden native Richard Handl (NOT Dick Grip) was arrested recently after trying to set up a nuclear reactor in his (clearly well-equipped) kitchen lab. Did you hear that, meth? There's a new illegal lab in town!

Police raided Handl's home in late July and arrested him for possession of radioactive materials.

If the court finds him guilty of endangering public health by storing the radioactive elements radium, americium and uranium in his apartment, Handl faces up to two years in prison.

Ironically, the law enforcers' arrival came after Handl addressed a query to Sweden's Radiation Authority. He did an experiment which involved a small meltdown on his stove followed by a small explosion, and wanted to know if it had been legal.

Richard Handl is one of an estimated three dozen nuclear enthusiasts worldwide to have succeeded in carrying out a fission reaction at home.

Geez, give the guy a break. He just wanted to split some atoms at home. No harm in that, right? "Tell me you're joking." No, I'm NOT joking. I've split coconuts in my kitchen to make piña coladas before and they are waaaaaaaaay bigger than atoms. "God you're dumb." *sipping tiki drink through krazy straw* Am I?

Kitchen nuclear reactor leaves Swede handcuffed [rt]

Thanks to Vance and killerabbit, who don't split anything at home except the heads of their enemies. Jesus, your places must be a mess.

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