Study: Social Media-Using Teens More Likely To Drink, Smoke, Do Drugs (And Prolly Sex!)

August 24, 2011


According a questionable study conducted by the The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, the 70% of teenagers that use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are almost "twice as likely to use marijuana, three times as likely to drink alcohol, and five times as likely to use tobacco" (previously: be insecure, narcissistic, and have low-self esteem). Possibly because they interact with other people besides mom and dad. The other 30% are home-schooled. Oh -- this questionable study just in: social media didn't exist when I was growing up, and look how I turned out. SPOILER: A f***ing mess.

Some experts say kids see images of teens drinking and using drugs online, which takes the shock value out of bad behavior and leads some to think it's what everyone is doing.

Some viewers on our Facebook page say they monitor their kids' social networking habits closely so they know what's happening on the websites.

" I will look through dressers, clothes, Facebook, PC's, whatever I want to make sure my child is safe," writes Kelly. "They will hate me now, but one day they will love and thank me."

First paragraph: there are experts, and then there are the experts that actually believe this shit. The second group are f***ing idiots. Third paragraph: or just always hate you. That's a very real possibility. Ha -- building relationships based on trust. I'M IN YOUR UNDERWEAR DRAWER LOOKING FOR WEED, LOLOL!

Teens who use social media mostly likely to drink and use drugs, says study [king5news]

Thanks to Evil Ares, who's evil and uses the persuasive power of peer pressure to coerce his friends into doing things for him.

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