Astronaut Suicides, Aka Space Shuttle Sadness

August 22, 2011


This is a tasteless series of photographs entitled 'Astronaut Suicides', that captures the many day-dreamed deaths of an astronaut who just can't bear life following the cancellation of the shuttle program. It brought tears to my eyes. Granted none of them actually fell because I dried them up with sandpaper, but they were there. Also: a rogue eyelash. F***ers always tryin' to creep up in my eyeball. "What about pubes?" HA -- what about pubes?! Are you saying there's one in my teeth?

Hit the jump for some more sadness from the series and hit the link after to see the graphic-er ones I didn't feel comfortable seeing.







Astronaut Suicides (With more if you're a real sicko)
Astronaut Suicide Photos Inspired by Shuttle Program's End [wired]

Thanks to harold and Maude Kumar Stacy, who are smart enough to know suicide is not the answer. The answer is killing as many rapists/child & animal abusers as you can before getting caught. And to Terry, who sent me this a week ago but I drink my memory away every night to start the next day fresh. It's a blessing and a curse.

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